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"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail," Benjamin Franklin


As COVID-19 continues to have significant impact around the world the uncertainties that it has created for individuals, organisations and governments are not going away. In geographies where infection rates are dropping concerns remain about mutations of the virus whilst governments struggle to restart or kick start economies that have slid into recession. So, faced with unprecedented levels of global uncertainty how should businesses be preparing themselves for the future?


“Through Scenario and Contingency Action Planning, we identified that

a potential six-month lockdown would make a $AUD 0.5m impact on margin”

FMCG company

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  • Advice and guidance from an industry-experienced Oliver Wight coach

  • A set of customised planning templates

  • Three virtual workshops – each of two and a half hours

  • A defined and documented Scenario and Contingency Action Planning process

  • Eight virtual coaching sessions - each of one-to-two hours

  • Money-back guarantee

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In our experience, few organisations invest the necessary time and effort to ensure their contingency action plans are understood and have been rehearsed. So, preparing your organisation to execute a contingency action plan that meets the demands of the future will unlock competitive advantage.

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Scenario and Contingency Action Planning

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