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Introducing Oliver Wight IBP Powered by Board: A new solution that aligns people, process, and technology to deliver operational excellence, high performance and growth.

In an industry first, Oliver Wight and Board International are helping organizations realize their Integrated Business Planning vision with a unique, unified solution that combines best practice IBP design and implementation with the leading intelligent planning software platform.

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You should consider Oliver Wight IBP Powered by Board for your business if your IBP process and technology do not:

  • EFFECTIVELY AND VISIBLY show strategic targets, or any gaps to the delivery of these targets

  • ALIGN THE BUSINESS to a common agenda and one-set of numbers, so that everybody works from the same plan

  • USE ASSUMPTIONS, opportunities, and vulnerabilities at an aggregate level to manage scenarios, options, and trigger contingencies to effectively manage response to change

  • MAXIMIZE the contribution of individuals to deliver the business strategy, and ensure the business works to one agenda

  • REDUCE COMPLEXITY through a single operating model and plan across the business

  • PROVIDE CONFIDENCE in the data and consequently any plans and planning history

  • FORMALLY INTEGRATE each part of the business by ensuring deliberate and focused escalation of major plan changes across the business

  • FORMALIZE ACCOUNTABILITY so that business areas take ownership of future plans in a way that is clear and unambiguous

  • ENABLE your business leaders to interact with the integrated planning process in an efficient way, without getting bogged down in the detail

  • ALLOW you to make decisions and immediately have some idea of the financial impact of those decisions

  • ANSWER to the executive agenda without obscuring it with detail and data

  • ESCALATE important exceptions in a way that gives business leaders a level of trust in the underlying data to keeps them away from unnecessary detail

How we can help

  • UNDERSTAND THE VALUE AT STAKE - Oliver Wight and Board can help you understand the gaps between what you have now and best practice IBP behaviours, process, technology and performance, and the value at stake

  • REDUCE TIME-TO-BENEFIT – using Oliver Wight's IBP best-practice fundamentals enabled by the Board Intelligent Planning platform. Configured specifically for your organisation, Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning Powered by Board supports rapid implementation of IBP while providing world-class system security, reliability, scalability and performance.

  • GET MORE FROM YOUR INTEGRATED PLANNING EFFORTS - combine Oliver Wight’s Class A IBP process with Board’s single, cloud-based software platform to enable a cross-functional analytics-driven IBP process across business operations, supply chain, and finance.

  • AGILITY AT LOWER COST - Create agility through rapid modelling and understanding the cross-organizational and financial impact of changes to plans. Create actionable contingency plans to deal with the scenarios modelled. Reduce the time and cost of turning planning data into strategic information to steer the organization through change using Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning Powered by Board’s consistent user interface, IBP process workflow, standardized templates, integration of func

  • GUIDING YOU THROUGH YOUR CHANGE JOURNEY - Oliver Wight’s experts are with you throughout the implementation journey, ensuring your process is robust, your people are engaged, and your software investment is de-risked.

  • ACCELERATE GROWTH - project business performance with real-time structured and unstructured data from the market, customers, and operations to gain insights into trends and potential disruptions and opportunities.

About Board International

Board’s Intelligent Planning Platform delivers solutions that help over 2,000 organizations worldwide plan smarter - enabling actionable insights and better outcomes. Board helps leading enterprises discover crucial insights which drive business decisions and unify strategy, finance and operations through more integrated and intelligent planning to achieve full control of performance. Founded in 1994, and now with 25 offices worldwide, Board International is recognized by leading analysts including BARC, Gartner, and IDC.

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Oliver Wight IBP Powered by Board

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