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From complexity to simplicity: The power of aligning people, process, and technology

Oliver Wight has been helping organizations become more efficient and effective with Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for more than 50 years. Plenty has changed over that period. Today, IBP means integrating systems as much as it does processes or information. IBP can leverage technology to deliver fast surfacing insight, modeling of scenarios, and to de-risk and accelerate the implementation.

That’s why Oliver Wight has teamed up with Board to offer an end-to-end service, designed jointly to offer management teams the sharpest IBP architecture – alongside a system to make sure management can hit the ground running and extract every bit of value from an integrated approach.

This white paper looks at how we got here; what that tells us about the new offering; and why it’s a compelling proposition for any management team that cares about effective delivery on their strategy.


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