Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Wiley

The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence

Sixth Edition

We are proud of our new Checklist, the associated integrated business model, and the opportunities that Class A now provide for your business. We believe you will be challenged and excited by these new standards and we look forward to discussing with you the opportunities presented in taking the next step on your journey to business excellence.There is a great deal that is new in the Sixth Edition:

The scope has been broadened from Operational Excellence to Business Excellence and this is reflected in its title.

- There are nine chapters describing latest practical and proven best practice. Firstly, the four priority chapters describing the processes and practices that enable the whole business to be excellent: Strategic Planning, Managing and Leading People, Driving Business Improvement and Integrated Business Management. These support five further chapters that address the prime processes in most organisations. Managing: Products & Services, Demand, Supply Chain, Internal Supply and External Sourcing.

- The focus ensures applicability to the Service Sector in addition to Manufacturing and Distribution Industry.

- Size, structure and scoring have all been modified to enable practical use and improve balance of content.

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