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The pharmaceutical industry faces huge pressures with ever-changing FDA legislation, the constant challenge of complying with Goods Distribution Practices, and rapid global economic growth creating demand for affordable and effective products. With The COVID-19 panemic, economic and political upheaval in Europe and the US, ongoing volatility in the Middle East, Russia and North Korea, and the shadow cast by international terrorism, continued uncertainty seems the only certainty, and change the only constant.

Flexibility, agility and efficiency are key to surviving and thriving and the difference between success and failure is the ability to take control of the future. With so many variables in play as new drugs work their way through regulation and approval, it’s about planning predictable pipelines.

Oliver Wight has worked with some of the world’s best known pharmaceutical and medical businesses, helping them transform their way of working to tackle these challenges through the implementation of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), so they can plan with greater certainty.

IBP provides the strategic perspective you need to plan over a 36-month rolling horizon, allocating critical resources to satisfy customers in the most profitable way. It provides new product visibility and full business integration to effectively manage product introductions resulting in increased customer service levels and growth in sales. This common-sense process allows you to predict and respond positively to changing conditions, in plenty of time, driving results straight to the bottom line.

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