Industrial Manufacturing

As demand accelerates, how can manufacturing companies balance growth, visibility, profitability, cycle times, demand and complexity in the supply chain? Organizations must equip themselves with the right processes, tools and people to gear up for growth. Collaborative demand management will see the supplier and OEM aligning around the demand signal for greater efficiency and profitability. And Integrated Business Planning gives industrial manufacturing companies a holistic view of demand and a clear vision of the future to see any gaps heading towards the business, allowing them to extract more profitable value from complex supply chains.

Oliver Wight has helped some of the biggest industrial manufacturing companies manage volatility, control working capital and optimize the demand plan including, 3M, Automotive & Aerospace Coatings, Caterpillar, CAT Logistics, Cummins, GKN, Jaguar Landrover, Schrader Electronics, Snecma Moteurs and Unilever.

Case studies

Here are some companies we have worked with. Click to download a case study

Industry Spotlights

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