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Private and Public Workshops 'On Demand'

Oliver Wight will arrange and organise workshops for a specific company either on the client’s premises or at a convenient location. These courses can either be a private version of the public course or tailored to suit the client’s particular needs. These courses typically cater for up to 20 delegates and can be arranged over a period of one or more days. We also have a programme of ‘On Demand’ workshops, which are public workshops that can be delivered at the convenience of our clients.

Some examples of workshops held are:

  • A series of two and three day workshops delivered to introduce people in a project management/procurement function to the principles of business excellence

  • A Supply Chain workshop built around an interactive supply chain which introduced people to the concepts of supply chain optimisation and inventory control

  • A Data Management workshop which enabled a company implementing a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to identify all the areas where data needed to be accurate, and assign responsibilities accordingly

  • A one day Forecasting and Demand Management workshop

  • A series of two day workshops for a major Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company for their international ERP implementation teams which covered business planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, data accuracy, forecasting, demand management, purchasing and performance measures

  • A series of one and two day workshops delivered to introduce people to the principles of business excellence

These workshops are designed to focus on the delivery of our knowledge on a particular subject matter or area to a specifi ed group of people. They include appropriate workshop and breakout sessions to build upon the understanding of the subject matter or area.

Information on the duration, time and fees associated with our private workshops is available on application.


Private and Public Workshops 'On Demand'

Managing and Leading the Business for Executives

How organisation, culture, and people’s behaviours, development, and motivation impact the journey to excellence

Business Excellence - The Overview

The accepted standard for the understanding of best practice business process integration and improvement

Integrated Business Planning (S&OP) for Executives

The integrated business Planning (S&OP) process for managing and integrating the business

Strategic Purchasing Management

Best practice procurement focused on the application and implementation of strategic purchasing

Performance Measurement

Best practice measurement of fi nancial and non-financial measures to drive improvement

New Product Development and New Product Introduction

Focusing on the best practice in new product development and new product introduction

Supplier Management

Best Practice in developing, planning with, and managing suppliers

Advanced Supply Planning

Understanding, redesigning and deploying the supply planning model to support an advanced, lean and agile environment

Sustaining Inventory Accuracy

The best practice process for establishing and maintaining high levels of inventory accuracy

Data Management

The best practice process for achieving and sustaining accuracy in data masters and transactions

Executive Leadership

Value Chain Analysis

Driving Business Improvement (Expert Tools and Techniques)

People and Teams

Distribution & Logistics Management

Process Acceleration