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This one day course explains what is required to operate and implement excellence in Supply Planning processes, through primary and secondary production, warehousing and distribution.

The challenge for any business today is to establish an efficient and agile supply chain in-line with customers' ever increasing demands. Whilst collaboration and integration through the supply chain is paramount this workshop reveals the importance of getting your own house in order first. Developing a Supply Plan that integrates with your supply strategy is an essential prerequisite for an effective supply chain. This workshop explains what is required to operate and implement excellence in Supply Planning processes, through primary and secondary production, warehousing and distribution. This workshop shows the benefits that can be achieved through excellence in Supply Planning and the necessary steps to achieve it. You will learn how to take the high level plan for your business through to execution at the central supply points by deploying the processes, tools, behaviours, roles and responsibilities required. The workshop shows planners, schedulers, and managers associated with supply planning and control the way this should be done in an ERP environment. Participants will come away from the workshop with direct knowledge of how to improve their planning and control performance. Equipped with an understanding of the key Supply Planning concepts you will gain insight into the fundamental role Supply Planning has in Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP).

An understanding is provided of the core principles and practices around master scheduling and supply point planning, through to interactions with vendors. The workshop enables participants, through best practice, to change the way they work to drive supply performance to Capable Planning and Control level. This is typified by overall 95% + supply capability, which is the foundation for the business improving the supply chain overall through targeted initiatives. The workshop also tackles the thorny issue of disciplines and practices required to ensure that good plans are made and properly scheduled and executed. It is particularly valuable to those implementing ERP, those managing in an ERP environment, and those tasked with managing the Supply element of an Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) process.

This practical workshop is the definitive industry standard for everyone engaged in planning within the extended supply chain and for those responsible for achieving those plans. In providing a deep understanding and practical applications it is particularly suitable for master planners, material and capacity planners and schedulers, supplier planners, and for those engaged in planning logistics and the supply chain.

The workshop provides a practical understanding of master scheduling and its impact on the business; the supporting planning process of MRP (material requirements planning). It also covers: converting plans to schedules, and how they need to work together to deliver product on time, in full; the practices, roles and responsibilities for accurate master data and its associated change control; the vital disciplined approach and other behavioural issues.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of customer service so naturally we invite your feedback. To ensure that you gain maximum benefits from this Oliver Wight public workshop a pre-workshop questionnaire will be sent to you before the workshop to establish your expectations. The completed forms will be analysed by the workshop facilitators to fine tune the workshop material and ensure that expectations and needs are met.




22 Aug 2024



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