Product & Portfolio Management

Product Management

This online workshop runs across two half days offering insights into best practise approaches to Product and Portfolio Management and how to chart your own roadmap to success.

‘Making more money, sustainably’ is at the heart of Product and Portfolio Management and this workshop shows how you can turn your product portfolio into a ‘living’ focus for the development of your business, driving innovation and clarity of purpose.

Over two half days online you'll cover a number of aspects of Product and Portfolio Management include; An overview Strategy to roadmaps Integration with Integrated Business Planning Portfolio optimization Programme and product management Integration and deployment through the supply chain Insights and drives Competency management

The workshop is designed for those senior executives and managers leading the processes that drive success in the market place: the Senior Leadership team, Vice Presidents, Marketing Directors/Managers, Category/Product/Brand Managers, Sales Directors/Managers, R&D Directors/Managers, Engineering Design, etc.


Online, HKT


13 - 14 Aug 2024



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